“In a depressed economy with so many charities and causes asking for our spare (and precious) hard earned cash, isn’t it time for someone to guide us in how to raise money innovatively and successfully?”

Since 1999 The K Faktor (aka Justin Karcher) has been helping clubs, charities, Not For Profits (NFPs), Non Profit, NGOs, corporates, schools and individuals raise over $24m for worthy causes. In this time, he has spoken to more than 200,000 people worldwide about the art of fundraising, either as a fundraising consultant, project manager, or an MC/auctioneer at a charity event.

Justin is considered a fundraising king, philanthropic guru, legend and coach in the club industry. He has a wealth of knowledge about how to build a database of donors; about fundraising methods and tools; about online and offline events, sponsorship acquisition and goals, event and project management, live and on/offline auctions, fundraising software; and about ‘out of the box’ thinking when it comes to creative fundraising solutions and awareness.

Justin loves to talk about Fundraising, so click on the Contact Justin link below and use your free 15-minute consultation to start planning your next fundraising initiative.

NGOs, Non Profit, NFPs and Charities

NGOs, Non Profit, NFPs and Charities

Looking for unique fundraising ideas that will appeal to your donor base, or to attract new donors to your cause?



Penny Auctions, bake sales and free dress days not getting the results you desire? Justin has hundreds of ideas to get students and parents right behind your school.



Finding it hard to attract new members, players and sponsors to your club? Justin has worked with over a hundred sporting and entertainment celebrities around the world, at thousands of events, and has access to nearly anyone. If your club wants to host a lunch or night with the stars then Contact Justin to discuss your goals. But hosting a celebrity is only one of many ways Justin has helped clubs achieve their fundraising goals. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Solo Causes

Solo Causes

Do you have a family member or friend that really needs community support? If Justin can’t introduce you to the right charitable organisation or support group, then he will certainly set you on your way towards raising much needed funds, goods and services to help those in need.

Sam Kekovich Video Testimonial

Watch Sam Kekovich as he delivers a video Testimonial for Justin Karcher and The K Faktor. You know it makes sense!

Get a taste of The K Faktor’s Shows

Watch the video to get a real taste of what it’s like to host a successful Celebrity Fundraising event.

Curtly and Courtney’s Testimonial

Watch this video testimonial of Curtly Ambrose and Courtney Walsh explain why they work with The K Faktor.


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2nd Commandment – Have you picked the best date? Not conflicting with other events in town? Maybe piggy back off a major sporting event?….e.g. have your event on NRL Grand Final day and the show is the prelude to the game; your reunion; start of season or in conjunction with your clubs trophy night.

Here we go guys…I have 12 Commandments when it comes to hosting a successful fundraising event. I will send one per week.
#1 Never forget the 4 Pillars to a successful and profitable show
– Ticket Sales + Auctions + Raffles/Donations + Games on the Day

Social Media Marketing is the Y2K of 1999. Agreed?
I have never met anyone who knows how to actually give 100% sound advice is this field…

Test the audio and video equipment – it must be working properly.
Ensure the microphones have spare batteries, work in unison and sound good.
Set out envelopes for Table/Irish Bingo with matching numbered cards for the MC.
Look after your Speaker: a happy Speaker = a great performance.
Look after your sponsors: a happy sponsor means they will be keen to support your next function.
Display auction and raffle prizes in prominent positions.
Cater for last minute ticket sales at the entrance.
Make certain the running sheet/schedule is finalised.
Advertise your next event at all tables – you could start selling it now!
Make sure the door prize is displayed at the entrance.
Choose carefully the one who is collecting the bids and processing the payments during the auction. This is a very important job! The auction is central to the event – ‘Strike while the iron is hot!’
Thank your committee, sponsors, club members, Speakers and guests – publicly.

Better your horses come in last than place 1st, 2nd and ………4th in a Melbourne Cup boxed trifecta!!!


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